Love, Empathy, Compassion

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Studio for Soul Growth, Healing Arts, Ascension Support


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Charlotte: Ascension Guide, Integrative Bodywork, Children's Programs

Lisa: Brand Marketing+Videography, Massage+Yoga+the Sacred Human

Hayli: Tantra, Sacred Relations, Bodywork, Thai Massage

Kevin: Christ Consciousness, Quantum Touch, Whole System Healing

Be immersed in and create synergy together.  Celebrate universal love and acceptance for All.  Further develop your wild mind and precious intuitive gifts.  Express yourself fully through classes and personal sessions; feel the continuous and ever emerging embodiment of Who You Are inside the vortex we create together at The Eagle's Nest.


Our Approach

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Many independent facilitators come together in one space to hold classes, personalized sessions, and transformational packages.

Click on our personal pages and feel us out; connect with a practitioner you feel drawn to work with.

Or attend our events and workshops.  Follow us on facebook to be informed.


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Tantric Expressions

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"Now Hayli is truly a  Tantric Priestess.  I have had Tantra body and breathwork before ... and Hayli is truly the High Priestess."

- Allison Holley


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Kevin is magic; just magic.

- All Students at Carrington College

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"Charlotte is the most pure soul and spirit you may ever come across. No matter your views or your state of being, she ropes you in and invites you to focus on the here and now. Her guided meditation helps you explore a different realm of thinking and she ensures that you leave her circle feeling clear, calm, and cleansed."

-Danielle Solberg


208-850-9284    |

1011 W Williams St. Suite D, Boise, ID 83706

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