Charlotte Dietz

Transformation through life practice.

Charlotte Dietz lives by her imagination and her heart. She loves encouraging and sparking magic in others, reminding them that they are perfect and they are love.

Charlotte believes we are all Divine. 

Charlotte believes we all have limitless potential.

What if we never needed "enlightenment," because opening our perceptions and ascension was a continuous, never ending way of life; a conscious choice to support the opening of our boxes with and for each other every day, beginning as a small child? 

This is what happened for Charlotte, and she enjoys supporting children as she encourages them to open their wild mind, access their limitless human potential, and self actualize their Soul Frequency. She offers children's yoga, mindfulness, bodywork and energywork.

Charlotte also enjoys supporting and guiding adults, as we discover Who We Are, activate and align ourselves with our Divine Essence, and live our lives from our Heart Space. She is a dreamwalker, healing and sophia channel, mermaid soul guide, high preistess, heyoka + shaman, reiki master teacher, yogini, mystic, sirius starseed, and more. 

Charlotte's offerings All in a Nutshell:

Divine Feminine Channeling + Bodywork, Subconscious Release Bodywork, Shamanic Dreamwork, Reiki, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Thai + Shiatsu, Stone + Crystal Grids, Sun Self + Deep Self Treatments, Drumming + Singing Bowls, Wild Mind + Intuitive Development, Yin Restorative + Yoga Nidra, and more.  Check them all out at: 

Bodywork with Charlotte leaves clients feeling opened, ignited, unstoppable, and connected with their Creator, True Self, and Expanded Awareness.  They are also very calming and relaxing; decompressing and restorative of the Spirit.

How to book with Charlotte?

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*telephone: (208) 850-9284