Hayli Makana

Meet with Hayli at her Home Studio or at The Eagle's Nest. She will support you to invigorate your life with regenerative creativity, sensuality, and deep presence. Hayli is here to help you embody your  authentic power and compassionate heart through holistic mindfulness practices that enable one to be in touch with themselves through joy, play, presence, and rooted reverence. She offers a Deep Dive, Tantric Bodywork, Tantric Sensual, and Tantric Soul Rest. She will teach you practices to dissolve stagnancy within your body, emotions, and sensual energy. She will support your growth as you discover the meaning of what it is to be intimate, evolving the meaning of what it is to be present, expanding your abilities and capacities for intimacy with yourself and your loved ones, learning to ignite joy in all you do, in deeper communion with our natural earth.


How to book with Hayli:

*Contact Charlotte, her front desk staff, via text or call at (208) 850-9284

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