Our Guest Instructors

Kevin Vereen

Kevin Vereen is a Reiki Master and a Quantum Touch practitioner who has been practicing several forms of Qigong and Zhan Zhuang for Five years. Through these practices, Kevin obtained a renewed sense of well-being and wholeness which dramatically improved his life and overall health. Kevin can sense chakra points for accurate chakra balancing and his energy sessions are very gentle and soothing. After working with Kevin, clients report feeling refreshed and relaxed; they have a renewed feeling of peace and overall well-being.


Contact Kevin to sign up for a session by: *email: kvreiki@gmail.com

*telephone: (804) 319-0120


Allison Holley

Allison Holley is a conscious channel, bringing forward the energies of divine love and unconditional joy for this beautiful time of awakening. She serves others through her guidance in discovering their life purpose, developing intuition, and knowing ecstatic states of being through various practices. Her life’s mission is to activate others into their highest expression of self: radiant, ecstatic creators. Allison's top offerings are channeling (as in how to channel) courses, channeling circles (we ask questions), personal sessions, and she is the author of Era of the True Creator.


If you want to book with Allison, email her a query at allison@allisonholley.com

Website: www.allisonholley.com


Stacey Lara

Stacey Lara is a gentle warrior of wellness, dedicated to faciltating transformation out of trauma and uncertainty into self-realization.  Keenly focused on facilitating deep inner transformation through accessing root causes, Stacey creates safe, sacred, and fun spaces for releasing the inner expressions that have been held back, and do hold us back, from acheiving the lives we dream of.  Stacey offers MAP (manifesting alternative possibilibies), Kambo, Core Energetics, Biofield Tuning, a combination of the above, and so much more. 


Follow all of her adventures on instagram and book a zoom session with her at (206) 755-1801


Jessica "Starfire" Jones

Jessica "Starfire" Jones is a playful light-being and walker of dreams. She has a passion for working with children and animals as well as divine expressions with color, and storytelling.

Jessica thrives to help promote emotional wellness in all beings through vibrational healings of sound & color, as well as energy work, and earth medicine.

Jessica is a Usui Reiki Master (also Rose Ray Reiki Attunement) and a Certified Color & Sound Healer.

*Click on "Booking" to schedule a child in her Little Rainbows class.

To schedule a Color & Sound Therapy Session with Jessica, book at her Website: www.theessentialom.com

Girl with Curly Hair

This Could Be YOU!

We are always looking for guest facilitators and instructors. If you are interested in working with us, maybe the people or presence or space is calling you, and we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us at unitykidsyoga@gmail.com or (208) 850-9284 and we can do a zoom call to show you the space or meet you to feel it out! For reference, our prices are:

*$25 or 15% for events

*$40 or 15% for ongoing classes

*$20 or 10% for private sessions